How biterite seeks to transform allergy-friendly dining

In this founder spotlight, we interview Lisa and James, founders of biterite, a startup with the mission to revolutionise the dining experience for those with allergies and intolerances. Read on to delve into their journey, aspirations, and the driving force behind biterite’s innovative approach to food accessibility and inclusivity. Stay until the end to discover how you can be part of their dynamic team and contribute to their mission.

                                                                                                                    Lisa (left) and James (right)

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and how you came to start Biterite?

Lisa: I’m originally from Canada and spent the last nine years in London, where I’ve delved into the world of consulting and corporate strategy, particularly within the financial services, retail and e-commerce sectors. Also, I’ve always had a passion for food and inclusivity, which fuels my commitment to making biterite a reality.

James: I’m from Tasmania, Australia and have always had a passion for entrepreneurship. I’m sort of a serial entrepreneur and my journey led me to various business ventures, from hospitality to crowdfunding platforms. It was during the Oxford Executive MBA program that I met Lisa, and together, we embarked on this new exciting adventure of building biterite.

So, what exactly is biterite?

biterite is a global restaurant discovery app for diners with dietary restrictions. Inspired by James’ personal experience with allergies and our shared passion for inclusive dining, we’re creating a platform that empowers diners to find restaurants that can cater to their dietary requirements with ease. Our vision is to make dining out a stress-free and enjoyable experience for everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions.

How did your personal experiences shape your journey into entrepreneurship, and specifically, the founding of biterite?

James: I have always been attracted to entrepreneurship because of the freedom it gives me. When I say freedom I specifically mean freedom of thought i.e. the ability to break away from conventional norms and the opportunity to paint creative solutions on the canvas of business. When it comes to biterite, my personal struggle with allergies served as the impetus. Faced with the challenges of finding safe dining options, I recognised a pressing need for innovation in the culinary landscape. I knew there had to be a better way, and biterite became my mission to simplify and enhance the dining experience for individuals like myself.

Lisa: Coming from a corporate background, I too found myself drawn to the freedom and flexibility associated with entrepreneurship. The ability to chart my own course and pursue endeavours aligned with my values was incredibly liberating. In the case of biterite, my passion for food and my commitment to diversity and inclusion played a pivotal role. As someone who has championed these values throughout my career, serving as a co-chair of several gender networks and mentoring Oxford women MBAs, BiteRite presented an opportunity to translate these principles into tangible action within the culinary sphere. It’s not just about building a startup; it’s about creating a platform that fosters inclusivity and accessibility for all.

What is the current status of biterite and what are your plans for the future?

We’re an early stage startup backed by an angel investor and an industry heavyweight as part of our advisory board. Our roadmap for biterite includes launching a beta version in the next six months, followed by a full-scale rollout. We aim to initially concentrate on smaller, well-networked towns like Oxford and Cambridge, tapping into their culinary diversity and student populations as beta testers. From there, we plan to expand to larger cities, with the ultimate goal of becoming the go-to platform for diners with dietary restrictions worldwide.

Are you actively seeking to expand your team with specific roles in mind?

Yes! We’re on the lookout for a tech lead who shares our passion for our mission and has the technical expertise to bring our vision to life. They could be a passionate student with hands-on coding experience or a seasoned professional with industry experience. Ideally, they’re adaptable, strategic thinkers who are ready to roll up their sleeves and dive into the development process. While technical skills are essential, we also value enthusiasm, creativity, and a collaborative spirit. Our ideal candidate will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of biterite as our sounding board and driving positive change in the health-tech industry.

Interested in joining the biterite team? Send your CV to hello@foundermatcha.com and tell us how your skills and passion align with our mission! Each application will undergo thorough evaluation by a dedicated member of the foundermatcha team skilled in delivering constructive feedback and insightful tips. Selected candidates will be interviewed by Lisa and James.