Looking for a partner to take your idea to the next level?

Foundermatcha makes it easy to find the right software developer or co-founder, based on skills, experience, interests, location and more.

Foundermatcha makes it easy to find the right software developer or co-founder, based on skills, experience, interests, location and more.

Matching business founders with software developers

Founders Network

We’re opening up foundermatcha to a select group of Business Schools in the UK and Europe.

Our network consists of like-minded entrepreneurs, with technical or non-technical backgrounds, who want to make a difference and bring greatnbusiness ideas to life.

How does Foundermatcha work

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Our matchmaking algorithm finds you compatible founders and software developers to connect with. Swipe, search, and set up video-calls to see if there is mutual chemistry.


Use the platform to sign NDAs, negotiate terms, and create digital contracts. You’re now on your way to launch your dream start-up together!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is foundermatcha?

Foundermatcha is a mobile app that connects entrepreneurs with software developers based on skill sets, seniority, industry expertise, hobbies, and interests, making it easier to build successful startups.

Who is foundermatcha for?

FounderMatcha is for entrepreneurs and founders looking for software engineers and software engineers who want to join early-stage tech startups.

How does foundermatcha work?
Foundermatcha uses a smart algorithm to match entrepreneurs and developers based on skillsets, interests, compensation, business maturity, and location. It allows users to quickly scan through candidate profiles, express interest, and communicate online.
How do I sign up?
Foundermatcha is currently in development stage and will be launched as a mobile app on iOS and Androis mid this year. You can sign up for the waiting list on this website and we will let you know once it’s live.
Is foundermatcha available worldwide?
FounderMatcha will be first available in the UK and Europe only. We are working to expand to other regions in 2024.
How does foundermatcha ensures my data is safe?
FounderMatcha takes data protection seriously and has implemented security measures to ensure that your data is safe. Our privacy policy details the data we collect, how we use it, and how we protect it.
Will you make my profile publicly available?
No, your profile won’t be visible on the internet. foundermatcha is aimed to be an easy and efficient way to find people truly interested in starting or joining a venture, either technical or non-technical. Only people who share your interests will be able to see your profile so we can put you in touch with one another. We won’t share your data with any third parties.
I don’t have a startup yet, should I still sign up?
Yes! You can sign up for foundermatcha and co-founder matching if you are thinking about starting a startup in the future. This shouldn’t prevent you from finding a co-founder.
How much will it cost?
At foundermatcha, we believe every start-up idea deserves the best chance to succeed. That’s why we’re excited to offer our matchmaking services completely free of charge for the first 1000 match-ups. That’s right, you can take your first important step in building your startup without spending a penny, so don’t miss out on this limited time offer and sign-up today.
Who is eligible for matching?
Foundermatcha is open to anyone who is seeking a partner to collaborate with on their startup. You can be solo or already have a business partner, as long as you’re looking for another one. You can have an idea only or be an established company already.
Do you have anything to do with matcha tea? I love matcha tea…
So do we! We plan at some point to organize face-to-face speed networking sessions in matcha cafe’s in london, but for now we can only offer virtual networking opportunities.
How do I contact foundermatcha support?
You can contact FounderMatcha support by emailing Our support team will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.